Isopod food, 100ml


Everything your isopods need, this food is especially designed for them. It’s protein based and includes big sum of calcium for better exoskeleton growth, which also helps with shedding. Ground up so isopods have easier time eating it.

It consists of kibble, flakes, cuttlefish bone and brewers yeast to provide your isopods all the nutrients it can’t get from wood and leaves.

*I’m also using this food for springtails and millipedes.

Amount: 100ml/approximately 50g


Analytical constituents
26,23% raw protein
10,67% omega 6
8,79% moisture
6,44% calcium carbonate
6,86% raw fats
4,55% raw ash
2,18% raw fibers
0,48% omega 3
+other vitamins and minerals

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