I have decided to stop keeping few species; so those are now under permanent discount until they sell out; will probably ship even higher quantity of those.

Hello. I am a terrestrial isopod breeder based in Slovenia, Europe. Currently this website is very basic, but I’m slowly working on it to try to provide the best service and information for all types of roly-polys and woodlice. You can buy isopods in my shop. In future I’m going to be adding more products like food as well.

Currently I’m using GLS as my main shipment option and I have noticed that deliveries to some countries with this particular currier are very expensive or missing. I do have another currier company in mind but I don’t trust their service yet, so if you belong to any of those countries; please fill in a contact form and we can try to work out a deal with shipping. Currently I can only ship within EU Customs Union.

All the packages are shipped on Monday morning, orders placed on Sunday will be shipped next week. This is for the comfort and well-being of the invertebrates.

Untested shipping options on rare/expensive isopods might not comply with our refund policy. Again, we can cover more details after a direct contact.

This website is written in English. All other languages are automatically translated. Some phrases in other languages might make no sense.